Vision Weekend – Digital

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At Woodside, we’re called to meet people where they are. With each new generation, it becomes more clear that where they are and where they’re headed is the world of digital media. Our conviction is to bring the transformational power of the gospel into these spaces and we need your help to continue growing the digital ministry of Woodside.  

While it may seem simple, one of the most impactful ways to reach your friends and followers with the gospel is by liking, commenting on, and sharing these resources! 

1. Follow Us on Social

This season we’ve seen 162,000 engagements, 720,000 views, and 3,673 additional followers as we’ve shared Biblical truth through videos, blogs, and more. Be sure to follow us, share our posts, and leave your thoughts in the comments! 

2. Subscribe on YouTube

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to join our online worship gatherings as well as watch the latest episodes of The Link, a weekly series that’s already received 75,740 views and 946 shares!

3. Follow Our Blog

The Woodside Blog has received nearly 62,000 views on more than 80 blogs covering topics relevant to your life and our culture today. Follow us and share our content as an encouragement to your friends and followers.  

4. Listen to Podcasts

You can hear from us on all major podcasting platforms, including AppleGoogleand Spotify. To hear the latest messages preached by your Campus Pastor, head to your podcasting platform of choice, search “Woodside Bible Church” followed by your campusand subscribe. (To listen to The Link,
follow these same steps and enter “The Link” instead of your campus

5. Give

Through your generosity, we’ve expanded our online worship gatherings from 1 to 14 campuses, reached nearly 14,000 online worshippers each weekend, and seen 246 people connect with us online with questions about how to know Christ, join our church family, or be baptized. And we’re just getting started!  

As we extend our digital ministry’s reachwe’re in a position of needing to grow our team and acquire new equipment. Your gift will stretch our gospel impact farther and wider than ever before.