NextSteps Pathway - Saturdays 6:15pm, Sundays 10 or 11:30am

The Next Steps Pathway is designed to help those who are new to Woodside get more information and possibly become members of the church.  It is also for those who may have attended for a while and are now ready to make a membership commitment and connect with the church family. There are four steps on the Pathway – one class scheduled each Sunday. Step 1 and Step 2 are required for membership and we encourage the completion of all four Steps! The path may be started at any time, no need to wait for Step 1.

Step 1 – Belong to Christ
You will learn how you can truly know God’s forgiveness and live with him forever through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will also learn about baptism and communion.

Step 2 – Belong to a Church
You will learn what the Bible says about believers taking an active part in the Church. You will also learn about Woodside’s Purpose, Mission, Strategy and Values.

Step 3 – Belong to a Family
During this time, you will make connections helping you develop friendships with people who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in good times and bad.

Step 4 – Belong to a Team
You will discover your spiritual gifts and how they compliment your natural talents. We will help you find the ministry, and the opportunities that are the best fit for you and that will maximize your impact for Jesus.

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