Transformations PM


Led by Cristina Broomfield and Misty Legler.

When All Else Fails: Read the Instructions!

Often, we find ourselves plunging ahead in our Christian walk only to fall flat on our face in defeat! God never intended for us to walk this journey frustrated and alone. Throughout scripture He provides instructions on how to daily live out our faith as we build a relationship with Him and with others. You are invited to join a community of women as we dive into scripture and learn the wisdom and priorities everyone needs for relational, spiritual, and societal blessing.

Instructions from the Fire: A Study of the 10 Commandments Part II

In Part 2 of the series on the 10 Commandments, we will study the last 6 Commandments which provides God’s instructions on how to relate to one another as we live, work and serve together.

Instructions from the Cross: A Look at the Sermon on the Mount

In this 10-session video driven study, Jen Wilkin will teach on the longest recorded sermon Jesus every preached. Few portions of Scripture have been taken out of context more often and used for pragmatic and political ends than the Sermon on the Mount. But few portions of the Gospels are more challenging, convicting, and transformative in our thinking about the law of God and how it exposes our need for salvation and for Him. By the end of the study, you will better understand Matthew’s concluding words, “the crowds were astonished at Jesus’ authoritative teaching”, because you feel like you’ve experienced the same for yourself.



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