Wake | Guy & Girl Night

We have been created to be in relationship with God, with others and the community around us. To have right relationships we all have to take a look at our own walk with Christ, our hearts and how we can grow as a brother/sister in Christ. Our time together on Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon, will take a look at just that: our self, our interactions and our community. How to have relationships with the opposite sex.

We will begin at 7:30PM on Friday night at the Troy Campus, the girls will stay the night at Troy and the guys will head to White Lake for the night. On Saturday we will have a separate girls and guys session after breakfast and then join back all together for lunch and a final session at the Troy campus.

The cost of the overnight conference is $10. This covers the meals, snacks and activities we will be doing on Friday evening. You can pick up a registration card at Wake or click register to print one off!


To view the waiver and release form for the evening, please click here!

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