Women's Precept Studies

January 9 – February 6

Genesis Part 4 – Jacob: Wrestling with God

God renews His covenant promise with Abraham through Isaac and Jacob. Two struggling nations arise from Isaac’s sons, Jacob and Esau. The truths we learn about God can guide our faith, helping us see His purposes in our lives.

February 16 – March 6

Genesis Part 5 – Joseph: Keeping Focus When Dreams are Shattered

Have you ever been falsely accused or suffered from injustice? This study of Joseph is your manual for handling these painful situations. Learn how to rise above difficulties by trusting God.

March 13 – May 22

Philippians: How to Have Joy

How do I live the Christian life joyfully regardless of people or circumstances? What is the purpose of suffering and the Christian perspective on death? Do I have “the mind of Christ”? Discover true, deep-down joy in your life that the world cannot take away!

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