Kingdom Builders

It is our desire to take our businesses on mission to reach the world for Christ.

As Kingdom Builders, we take our businesses on Christ’s mission as we:

  • believe our businesses are not ours alone but are also God’s businesses
  • believe our businesses will be strengthened as we grow in community
  • believe our businesses can be used as instruments of God’s
  • believe our businesses can advance Christ’s mission as we finance

To help maintain our humility, unity, and trajectory we developed these core values for the Kingdom Builders.

Our Values

To help maintain our humility, unity, and trajectory we developed these core values for the Kingdom Builders.

Thankfulness – We will never forget that our financial and business resources are gifts from God, so we continually give Him thanks as the ultimate Giver and Owner of our business. We may demonstrate our thankfulness in how we use these resources to fund Kingdom initiatives.

Excellence – We strive for excellence in every dimension of our business and our spiritual life. Because our life and our business reflect God to the world, we pursue Biblical principles of excellence including love, respect, honesty, integrity, fairness and justice.

  • Courtesy and Compassion – We model the humility and servant-leadership style of Christ in the way we relate with others. Our relationships with our employees, supplier base and customers will consistently demonstrate genuine interest, courteous respect and compassionate actions.
  • Lead Missionally – We are called to lead our life and business on mission as Christ directs since we don’t work for men but for the Lord Himself. We view our business as an extension of our spiritual life, and we will use it as an instrument of righteousness for Christ’s purposes.

Camaraderie – We pursue a spirit of camaraderie among all in this group as we share a common leadership and a common call in Christ. We accept our differences as God-given and complementary. We pursue this camaraderie by praying for one another personally and professionally and as often as possible share counseling, mentoring and encouragement.

Accountability – We seek to develop an accountability partner. Personal and professional accountability requires a significant relationship that openly gives a fellow leader the right to ask challenging questions and to hold us accountable for specific goals we’ve identified for our families and business.

Commitment – We commit to Woodside as our church home which provides for the regular nurturing of our spiritual needs, and we will follow the Biblical commands in providing support to the church and community. We agree to set aside a percentage, as God provides and prospers, from our businesses to fund the Kingdom initiatives identified by Woodside.

If you have any questions or need more information, please let us know how we can help.

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