Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders is a ministry of Woodside that exists to equip Christians who own or lead a business to thrive personally, professionally and spiritually

We develop products, programs, and services to equip thousands of Christian business and marketplace leaders. These efforts serve to help these leaders:

  • Build and lead their companies and organizations on proven biblical principles and practices
  • Grow personally, professionally, and spiritually
  • Transform the marketplace for Christ
  • Fulfill God’s calling upon their lives at work and at home

The objective of Kingdom Builders is to reach out to, minister and provide support where people are spending the majority of their lives…at work!

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At our next event on Friday, November 9, we will be partnering with Truth At Work to simulcast the Truth At Work Conference. This event will be held at the Troy Campus.

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At some point every Christian business leader experiences being:

  • Lonely – “Am I the only one going through all this?”
  • Isolated – “I wish I had others I could lean on to help me deal with all this” or “I don’t have a safe and confidential place to wrestle with the issues of faith and business”
  • Overwhelmed – “I don’t think I have the resources, capacity, or energy to deal with all this” or “How do I get everything done and be all God has called me to be in my home, my business and my church community?”

The Solution:

At Kingdom Builders we equip godly business owners and leaders by providing highly structured, proven, and professionally facilitated engagements and peer round table groups based on our proprietary “3C” model of:

Relevant Content – Cutting edge curriculum that provides “best practices” and thought leadership in the areas of business, spiritual and personal development.

Relational Context – A true Christian business peer group that shares your biblical worldview and who truly “understand” what you are facing.

Transformational Community – A penalty-free, non-judgmental, safe, and authentic environment that develops deep, meaningful, long- term relationships producing a life and business changing experience.

The Outcomes:

Producing Christian business owners and leaders who are:

  • Fulfilling God’s call in all areas of their lives
  • Building successful companies who are producing profit with a purpose
  • Experiencing true personal peace while integrating faith in and through every aspect of their lives

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