MyWoodside is a tool specifically for our congregation to use, to access functionality in our church database Fellowship One. The tabs below include general information about myWoodside as well as the features currently available. Click the myWoodside login button to the right to login now or register for a new account. MyWoodside is a great way for Members and Attendees to keep their personal information up to date in the church database as well as donate online and much more. If you do not currently have an account you can easily create one and get access to all these features. Click here to download instructions on how to create an account. Once logged in if you ever need help click on the “Help” link in the top right corner of the webpage.

myWoodside provides:

Online Giving

Online Giving allows you to make contributions online including donations to missions trips and orphan funds. Online giving also gives you the ability to view and print your own contribution statements and track your giving throughout the year.

There are two ways to give online. You can give with a credit card or your bank account. Both can be set up for scheduled contributions. This is totally secure and a great way to give to the church. Click the give button below to give now or access your giving records online.

If you have questions about our online giving program, email us at

Give Now

Profile Editor

Profile Editor allows individuals (who have created a user account) to update their profile. The profile includes household primary address, phone numbers (home, mobile and work), first, last and goes by name, household position, date of birth, marital status, websites, and social networks.

Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings allows individuals to determine which pieces of personal information can be viewed by other myWoodside account holders such as group leaders and group members.


Groups allows group leaders to manage groups, group members to find and contact members of their group and prospects to find and inquire about joining a group.

Church Directory

Church Directory allows users who are Members to opt in to have their information displayed in an online directory viewable by other Members. All access to information is controlled by the user by configuring their privacy settings.