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Jatiyo Kristiyo Prochar Samity (JKPS)

A Ministry of Empowerment

JKPS is a network of Christians facilitating holistic Gospel transformation for the poor and marginalized. Woodside is partnering with them as they seek justice for the oppressed and work to bring lasting change for Christ.  

Biblical Training

Bethal Training Institute provides a training ground for young men and women to earn a seminary degree. Many graduates go on to serve their communities in church leadership or other branches of JKPS.  

Shaping Worldviews

JKPS has facilitated more than 250 gatherings to answer the questions of people who are curious about the Gospel. 

A Rescue Mission

Located near some of the largest red-light districts in the world, JKPS operates several homes for women and children rescued from human trafficking. These homes offer holistic programs designed to mentor and train survivors, helping them find jobs and return to society.  

Meet Our Partner

Tom (last name withheld for security) is a proud father and grandfather with a background in business and biblical literacy. His two grown children live in Australia and Michigan.