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Kolkata, India | Bible Training, Church Planting 
Woodside has formed a new partnership with MBB Training Institute to equip new Muslim background believers to plant house churches among the Muslims of the Bengali people. The Bengali’s are the largest unreached people group in the world. Our vision is to reach Muslims with the love of Jesus Christ.

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Finney Thomas
Jatiyo Kristiyo
Prochar Samity

The Mahima Care Homes are licensed aftercare facilities in Kolkata for the rescue and restoration of girls who were trafficked as minors into the sex trade. The homes provide a safe haven for girls under the age of 18 where they receive physical, emotional, social, vocational and spiritual healing while the prosecution of perpetrators is aggressively pursued. At the Mahima Care Homes, girls find shelter, nutritious food, counselling and the support of caring staff. Staff counsellors create individualized treatment and recovery plans for each girl with professional psychological and medical care. The homes are effectively achieving their purposes of preventing re-trafficking of girls into commercial prostitution and securing convictions of criminals. The Mahima Care Home provides holistic, physical, emotional and spiritual care.

Finney Thomas CEO

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