Pages Devotion – Week 2, Day 1

“Teach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes; and I will keep it to the end.”
Psalm 119:33

Welcome, if you are reading this you are about to make HISTORY! Yes, history belongs to those who pray and today you are committing to seek God in prayer. You are committing to hear from His Word, and to obey His still small voice. All things are now possible, as you are about to enter the meeting of meetings—a one-on-one interaction with your Heavenly Father who desires this moment with you! How will you be inspired to pray today? What will be the cause and effect of your prayers?

The sweet psalmist of Israel was inspired by God to use a verb to start all his prayers from vv. 33-39. He used teach, give, lead, incline, turn, confirm, and turn to start each prayer. The psalmist is saying that God is the One who causes the actions of his desired prayers.

He understands that the work belongs to God. God is the Source. He is the reason. God is Everything. And all who depend on God will delight in His Word.

The cause of our prayers is God, through the power of The Holy Spirit, who teaches, gives, leads, inclines, turns, confirms and turns us, all for His glory. He is the Cause, depending prayer is the effect. This is the law of seeking God!


Father, I believe in the power of prayer. May You cause me to have a genuine dependence upon You. A dependence that will bring me delight in Your Word. Jesus, I need your Word because I cannot live by natural food alone. May I depend upon You as my Sustainer and Provider of all things. Amen.