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Team Woodside

On Team Woodside, we run to care for at-risk children living in children’s homes in Thailand and India. Your contribution brings relief and hope to a vulnerable child, shining the love of Christ in the darkest of circumstances. 

Christmas Eve Woodside Troy

This Christmas, watch the events of Jesus’ birth unfold through the eyes of those who witnessed it firsthand. Join us for Eyewitness: Finding Your Christmas Story in Theirs and find your story in the extraordinary experiences of the men and women who were there that very first Christmas. Together, we’ll see that no matter who we are, […]

Woodside Bible Church | Jan. 2, 2021

Is there any word that could better describe the state of our world, our nation, our communities, and even our churches than “divided”? “I follow her… We follow him… Us versus Them… Me against the World!” Differences of opinion have led to a tribalism where discussion and sincere debate is no longer tolerated. What do […]

The Gift Known as Chef Wendy: A Story of Hope

[…] word spread, Wendy was contacted by a parent at her child’s school, who asked whether Woodside could feed her husband’s unit of the National Guard. When the team at Woodside Warren stepped in to serve, this woman was overwhelmed with gratitude. She had called Wendy in tears with stories over how this will be […]

Story of Hope: Blessing Others

[…] out to my whole staff and all 170 students, asking them to participate.” A week and a half later they raised $2,100. With their donations Amber and team were able to deliver 96 platters of Jimmy John’s subs to three different Flint-Grand Blanc area hospitals. They were also able to partner with The Great […]

The Battle of the Mind

[…] to understand why someone thinks or acts the way they do, what causes them to respond to certain situations, and how their personality traits contribute to a team or workplace. This fascination led to an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master’s in counseling psychology, and doctorate in organizational leadership, which is a specialization within […]

New Year, Same Fear? The Fear of Being Alone

I really didn’t want to be the one to write this blog. As our team at Woodside planned out the blog and social media series that would take us into this new year, this was the one I was most determined to have someone else write. But as the weeks went by, no author […]

Wired for Community

[…] I remember, but the neighbors I played them with. School wasn’t just about learning, but about classmates. In sports, I could tell you more stories about my teammates than the plays I made. And that’s not just because I was second string. It’s because we are all wired for community. Early on in the […]

7 Christian Books on Friendship and Restoring Relationships

[…] we can’t see straight―and it bubbles out as anger. As traditional tribes of place evaporate, we rally against common enemies so we can feel part of a team. No institutions command widespread public trust, enabling foreign intelligence agencies to use technology to pick the scabs on our toxic divisions. We’re in danger of half […]

Story of Hope: Gary Bebe

[…] he got a donor. They waited patiently in prayer, trusting that the Lord would provide. 8-weeks later, he received a call from the Henry Ford Detroit Transplant Team that they had a donor. On March 12th at 5PM, Gary and his family said their goodbyes to Christopher. Gary’s pride in his son gleamed as […]

What are You Prioritizing?

[…] Now, sports, relationships, work, you name it, they are all good things. But we live in a culture that tells us if we aren’t on the best team, we won’t get the best scholarship. If we aren’t in a relationship, then somehow, we are not a “whole person.” If we don’t work 60+ hours […]

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