Ecuador Team Blog #7

Dominique Cochran Mission Trip Blog

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Today we finished out building project in Ecuador and had our final session of VBS. One of the men that has been working with us came to know Christ today!

We were told at the beginning of the week that we probably wouldn’t have many kids attend on a Friday. Whether or not we should even do VBS on Friday was discussed. Ultimately we decided that we were going to offer it and just see when the time came what would happen.

VBS started around [2:30] every day. Today was no different. At [2:30] we had maybe 20 or 30 kids. We were happy with that number because we weren’t even sure if anyone was going to come. A few more kids came a few minutes later and I looked at Alyssa and said were probably up to 60 now.

I was working in crafts. We were doing a rotation with each station (snack, bible story, activity, and craft). By the time I recieved the second group there were 27 kids in it. There were kids crammed into every space we could find at the table. Feathers and yarn were EVERYWHERE!

I walked out of the chaos to see what had happened. I thought perhaps we received some kids from another group or something, but when I walked outside to figure out what was going on I realized that a ton more kids had shown up. It turns out we had over 100 kids show up on a Friday! We had the opportunity to tell them about Jesus and we had around 30 kids say the prayer of salvation!!!

These are children whose families most likely don’t know Christ; so it’s amazing to think what that one little seed we planted could create in these kids and possibly their families.

This evening we were presented with a lovely dinner as a thank you from the church. We were given gifts of appreciation by the church family. It’s hard to accept all of the gratitude that has come our way.

We have said a few times this week that the work was fun. One person that had a fit bit on said that they walked over 22,000 steps one day, yet we’re not sore. We’re not overly tired. We’re not crabby or fighting. We enjoyed challenging ourselves and learning new things. God has given us the endurance to joyfully make it through these long days.

We made new friends and realized that there truly is a human connection that has no language barriers. It’s love. We have so much respect for this culture and have grown to love these people. It will be bittersweet tomorrow leaving this place that we love and people we have grown to love knowing that most of us may never be here again.

We will always remember you with love Ecuador.