Blueprints Week 1- Day 3

September 13, 2018 by Rachel Anne Williams | Campus All Campuses

“You shall have no other gods before me.” Exodus 20:3

What are some of the primary attributes that come to mind when you think of God?

Holy, Righteous, Loving, Gracious, Sovereign are a few of the most popular choices. They’re all true, and they’re all good! But there is another attribute that is often overlooked—God is a jealous God.

Later in the book of Exodus (Chapter 34), we see this stated clearly, “…for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.”
God desires such closeness and intimacy with His people that He becomes jealous when our hearts and minds are turned to other things. God desires that we would be singular in our focus of Him.

While that might not seem like a positive attribute, it reveals the passionate heart God has for His people.

This is best understood in our world within a marital relationship between a husband and a wife. Both desire faithfulness from each other in their marital relationship. They did not make marriage vows before God only to watch their spouse chase after another woman/man outside of their marriage. That’s adultery! And it creates pain, anger, and jealousy in the heart of the faithful spouse.

When God’s people turn away from Him to worship at the altar of a false god—money, sex, power, etc.—we commit adultery against our Heavenly Father. This makes our Holy God a Jealous God.

God loves you so much that He is jealous for your single-minded attention. Will you be faithful?

Father, forgive me for the times I have worshipped false gods. Forgive me for the times that I have caused you to be jealous. Give me a heart that desires you alone. May no other gods come before you, the one true God. Amen

For Further Reading
Exodus 34:10-16

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