Blueprints Week 10- Day 2

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“And he said to them, ‘Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness…’”  Luke [12:15]

While visiting the country of Liberia, West Africa, I was intrigued by the high walls topped with broken glass, the locked iron gates, and the vigilant security guard that patrolled the living quarters of our host family. I soon learned that in this post-war nation, desperation for basic supplies like rice, fuel and medicine caused many to acquire them deceptively from unwary people. Thieves would hinder the mission of helping those who were most in need.

In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus warns His followers about the dangers of covetousness. He uses strong words to describe how important it is to defend our hearts from coveting. Failure to discipline our desires will distract us from addressing more important needs. Our desire to know Jesus more deeply can be drowned out by our desire for more earthly possessions. We are told to actively fight off this strong urge.

Think about how you can guard your heart against the desire of covetousness. Perhaps a strategically placed note of contentment could help. Or set aside some discretionary money to bless others instead of buying something for yourself. God desires that you would guard your heart against this sin today.

Covetousness can rob you of finding your delight in Him and the things God has already graciously provided.

Father, my heart easily turns to coveting. Help me to see clearly that you have promised to meet all my needs according to the riches in Christ Jesus. Help me to be strong when I am tempted to desire things more than I desire you. Grant me a spirit of contentment today. Amen

For Further Reading
Philippians [4:10]-20

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