Blueprints Week 10- Day 3

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“…for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” Luke [12:15]

Jesus made this statement to a crowd of people who had just heard the complaint of frustration from a man who felt cheated out of the inheritance he was due. Jesus was obviously concerned. So He addressed His followers against their tendency to find joy in the things they possessed instead of the treasures He provides.

I remember when my young son excitedly ran into Chuck E. Cheese with the $20 bill he had been saving. Quickly exchanging it for tokens, he ran through the arcade playing the arcade games and receiving his hard-earned tickets. In less than a half hour, his tokens were gone! With his stack of tickets, he went to the toy counter. When he walked away with a small bouncy ball and a handful of Tootsie Rolls, he began to realize how quickly a $20 bill can disappear, and how little he had to show for it!

Too often, I am guilty of dashing after some promising trinket, only to discover that it couldn’t provide lasting satisfaction. Real life is found in our relationship with Christ, not in the items we earn or collect.

Take a few moments to consider all the riches you have from God. His salvation provided to us is accompanied by incredible treasures—a home in heaven, a spiritual family, the presence of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts to be used in ministry, etc. Enjoying and investing these treasures brings enduring satisfaction.

Father, thank you for my salvation in Jesus. Thank you for all the spiritual benefits that accompany my salvation. Guard my heart against over-valuing the trinkets of this world. Give me a true sense of spiritual value. Amen

For Further Reading
Romans [8:31]-39

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