Blueprints Week 10- Day 4

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“So is the one who lays up treasure for himself and is not rich toward God.” Luke [12:21]

Has God ever taught you just how volatile ‘stuff’ is? He’s taught me this reality many times.

Just last year when the hype was growing around Bitcoin, I decided that if I wanted to get in, it would be smart to invest before the value grew even higher. After waiting a few months for a dip in cost, I eagerly jumped in. Unfortunately, what initially seemed like a temporary drop in price was actually a long-term dip. Today, I’m sitting with half the value of my initial investment. I had no idea that I was getting into Bitcoin at the worst possible moment!

Will I ever break even? Time will tell.

Similarly, the rich man in Jesus’ parable had no idea that his time was running short, and everything that he was saving up for was in vain. He needed to learn that the things of this earth, while nice, are not worth a lifetime of investment. Even if they ultimately yield us a few decades of rest and relaxation, we can’t stretch them far enough to last into eternity.

What is so amazing about Jesus is that He offers us security more significant than a large 401K. Instead of a dignified end of life, we get eternal life! Instead of a breezy little beach house, we inherit a Kingdom. Instead of more time to play cards and golf, we get a relationship with the God of the universe. That’s a ‘retirement plan’ worthy of our investment!

Father, thank you for blessing me with something more valuable than money. Thank you for blessing me with eternal life found in Jesus. Give me a continued desire to seek Your Kingdom. Amen

For Further Reading
Ecclesiastes [5:10]-15

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