Blueprints Week 8- Day 1

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“You shall not steal.” Exodus [20:15]

God has given us another opportunity to love Him and to love people.

As we are learning in our Blueprints sermon series, God has given His people clear directives called Commandments that are meant to guide a believer’s life.

One of these directives is the clear commandment, “You shall not steal.”

You’re probably thinking, “Not a problem, I don’t steal.” Are you sure? You’ve never taken something that didn’t belong to you? Maybe you haven’t stolen a piece of jewelry or audio equipment, but there are other ways to take something that isn’t yours. Accolades from your boss for a job you didn’t do? Accepting an ‘A’ on a group project that you did nothing to contribute to your classmates?

In the Ten Commandments, we can see God giving His people the opportunity to be different from all other nations by challenging them to think and live differently than all other nations. Not stealing was counter-cultural. Following God’s directive to “not steal” clearly set God’s people apart.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus explains that our actions often display the real sin issue at work in our hearts. Adultery is the final act of the sin of lust in our hearts. Murder is the final act of the sin of anger that has boiled over in our hearts. Perhaps we should see stealing in the same light. Stealing is the final act of greed that has built up in our hearts.

Believer, are you greedy today? Do you want something that isn’t yours? Confess this sin before our Holy God and be freed from the temptation to steal.

Almighty God, I can see that stealing is wrong in your eyes. Show me areas in my life where I may be stealing from others. Make me aware of potential greed in my life. Grant me the strength to turn away from the temptation to act on my greed. Amen

For Further Reading
Matthew [6:19]-24

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