Camp Barnabas Blog #1

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Emma Moore

Hey, its Emma Moore and I’m super excited to share with you about how our week at Camp Barnabas has been going so far! The trip here was long and hard, but definitely brought our team together and we are so grateful to be here! Last night we were able to meet our cabin staff and have a little family time before we had training today. And to my surprise my camper showed up last night a whole day early. I was a little overwhelmed, to say the least! Her name is Kimmy and like many of the campers this week she has Down syndrome. She’s the cutest, most joyful, camper! Last night when we were spending time praying and reading about which camper we wanted to work with I remember overwhelming emotions rushing in when our cabin leaders read us her file. I just knew she was the one for me, and God has really affirmed that in all our time together. She’s more than I ever expected and somehow EVERYONE at Camp Barnabas already knows and loves her. Today we have only been able to spend meals with one another since all the missionaries have been in training. But let me tell you, she has made lunch and dinner quite a party! A funny moment was after lunch when we were going to wash our hands, we walked past the salad bar and she not only grabbed a piece of broccoli, but also dipped it in the Italian dressing. I laughed so hard! Our leaders told us to expect the unexpected, but I didn’t know the unexpected would be so silly! After lunch as I was walking back to my cabin I took time to thank Jesus for my camper Kimmy. She’s such a little ray of sunshine and I can’t wait for the rest of this week with her!