Chennai India Mission Team Blog #5

Woodside Bible Church Mission Trip Blog

Today was the last day of the LLLT camp.  As we headed to Maila where the camp is held, the driver decided to take the long way.  We were pulled over by security and the team member that was interviewed at the airport was observed for a few minutes.  God’s mercies were with us.  We were told it is very dangerous to travel at the end of the month as the guards are low on money and encourage personal donations to their cause.  Your prayers for safe travels are being answered and we are very grateful to God for His protection. We were excited about our day of competition ahead of us!

At camp, one of our team members recited all of the memory verses from the Bible and received 500 Rubies.  We are all very impressed and proud of her! Next, the campers had a turn at reciting the memory verses and they all did very well. There were many games to earn points such as remembering what was taught during the week and dancing. In the end, the green team won overall. Rewards and medals were given out to the kids.  Each person also received a shirt and hat.  After this, we all went to lunch!

At lunch, it hit our team that the camp was over. Some of the kids still teased us as we ate with our fingers in awkward fashion. We were told we would be missed and were asked to come back next year. We will miss walking into camp and seeing vibrant faces and brilliantly colored dresses.  It was not easy saying goodbye to the kids. These people are very loving and easy for us to love. We praise God for using us and giving us this experience with Him as He moves us on to the next event for His glory.

In His service for His purpose,

Team India 2018