Chennai India Mission Team Blog #6

Woodside Bible Church Mission Trip Blog

The last three days, we have been hosting a medical clinic and engaging in street evangelism. We also visited the “It’s a Girl” home and the Magimai orphanage.

At the first village in Panaiyur, we hosted a medical clinic sponsored by Woodside. Dr. Shelia was in charge of medical treatment. Dr. Mano was overseer of the prayer team and the team rotated between stations. There were five stations: Registration, examination, prescriptions, vitamin supplement distribution, and prayer and anointing. The patients were of all ages, young and old, with a variety of illnesses. About fifty people were served and everything went very smoothly.

After the medical clinic we headed for a quick visit to one of the “It’s a Girl” sponsorship homes that Woodside supports. We hung out with the mothers and babies. The pastor explained what brought each mother and child to the home. Most cases involved some sort of domestic abuse. The caregivers who oversee the home were very excited to show us around, show how clean everything was and that everyone has food to eat. They take pride in their servitude and responsibilities. We loved on the babies, then headed on to engage in street evangelism.

We split up into teams of two groups. We had Dr. Mano’s team with us. We had a list of homes. As we went into the homes we removed our shoes. This village was hit by the tsunami a few years back. Many homes were destroyed. Most people wanted prayer for help to pay off loans they took out to rebuild. This is a fishing village and they struggle simply to get by. Others asked for prayer because of physical abuse due to alcoholism. It was very difficult seeing these people suffer and not be able to offer immediate help. We know God sent us there for a reason and believe He will take care of them and answer our prayers for His name and His Glory. The next two days were continuing in the same ministry, except on the third day we went to a village in Maduranthangam.

In this village, we served a gypsy community. These people were uniquely precious. They wanted into the building so bad they rushed the attendant at the door. It was a bit scary at first but we realized that it was okay when we saw them smiling. They had a variety of diseases. Many had open sores, some had bad coughs. They were open to prayer and were excited about the anointing oil we passed out. After serving at this village we headed to the Magimai children’s home.

The children at the home come from parents who have died from AIDS. We met up with the girls we were introduced to at LLLT. At the home, the girls danced for us and we all made cross necklaces. We then went upstairs to see their rooms, which were very clean. They had cupboards for their clothes and everything was neat and tidy. The girls also get along very well with each other. While in their sleeping quarters we played a game, and they had a good time. After this, we passed out gift bags and headed out. We will miss them and their caregivers very much.

We would like thank all of you who help with these ministries through generous giving and prayer.  You are making a difference for the Kingdom and we pray that God will bless you abundantly as a reward. Our hearts are warmed and we are humbled as we experienced God’s presence in these ministries. We are grateful for this experience.

In His service for His purpose,

Team India