Chennai India Mission Team Blog #7

Woodside Bible Church Mission Trip Blog

We could feel the cool air enter into the plane as we descended into Detroit Metro Airport. After nineteen hours of flying, our mission trip was officially over to India. The last two days of our trip were spent at “The Bible Church.” On the first day, we met with the men and on the second day, with the women. We also went to Dr. Daniel’s office and watched a video showing all God is doing in Mano’s ministry.  Our last day we visited the “It’s a Girl” project centers in Prabhudoss and Ravichandran.

At the men’s group we listened to them worship together. It was beautiful. Then, several men gave their testimony.  A few men told how they were former actors until they found Christ Jesus, or rather were found by Him. There was also prayer time. Men from the congregation would stand and pray one at a time. Then the team was asked to sing a song. After the song, our brother Milton presented each of us with a flash drive containing pictures he had taken from the time we arrived to the time of this meeting. It was a precious, thoughtful gift that will be cherished. After church we went to Domino’s pizza for lunch then headed to the Faith Press in Rehills.

At Faith Press,  we were given a tour of how the Bible tracts and many other teaching materials, books, magazines, and pamphlets are made. We saw the two and four color printing press that Woodside helped contribute to. It was amazing to see how much God is doing through this ministry. The next day, we met some of the women who hand out these tracks.

On our last day, we went to “The Bible Church” and met with the LIO Women workers. Similar to the men, we spent time in worship, and women came up one at a time and told their stories and how God uses them to pass out tracts.  They told story after story of how the tracts are working to bring lost souls to Christ.  It was very inspiring to hear how fired up these elderly servants are for the Lord.  Two women from our team gave a lesson from the Bible and one gave her testimony. They poured their humbled hearts into sharing and we were all blessed by it.  After church, we went to lunch and had burgers and shakes. The team agreed that we all miss our American food just a little. After lunch, we visited two “It’s a Girl” project centers.

At the centers, the children’s pictures were taken to update Woodside’s website. We asked why the girls had dots on their faces and Milton explained it was a superstition, a way to ward off bad thoughts against the girls. There were a lot of cheerful smiles at the centers and the girls are loved on by everyone. They are happy and healthy, thanks be to God, and His faithful servants who give each month to provide for their care. After the centers, we met at the Daniels’ house for dinner and to clean up before our departure.

We entered our host’s home and were welcomed by the delicious aroma of food. We felt very comfortable with our gracious friends who had been so good to us on this mission.  The Daniel family poured love into us by supplying for our every need. We love them and are very grateful for them. After freshening up, we headed to the airport. It was bitter sweet; part of us wanted to stay and continue in the Lord’s work and the other part was ready to return home to our loved ones.

As we close in sharing our experience with you, we would like to extend an invitation to you.  If you are feeling God calling you into missions, we pray that you will answer that call by stepping out in faith and signing up for one of the many missions trips offered through Woodside Bible Church. We hope sharing our experience will help you in your decision making. Once again, we would like to thank the many people who supported our team through prayer and giving. This has been an amazing experience and we are grateful.

All our love for His purpose in His service,

Team India 2018.