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Community in Action Week 1- Day 1

Lynn Bettes Community in Action Devotional

“…But God has so composed the body…” 1 Corinthians [12:24]b

We’ve been told for too long to “march to the beat of our own drum.”

There are 94 chords played in the most covered secular song of all time, “Yesterday” by the Beatles. Since the song has been covered so many times, there have been numerous variations to the original, but its popularity is unmatched. The arrangement of differentiating chords and creativity of lyrics make it a sure hit and the song’s composers were very intentional to this end. They knew right where to place specific chords and just how to hit certain notes vocally. However, if you were to remove chords or lyrics the song wouldn’t be the same and likely wouldn’t contain the same overall appearance.

Likewise, as God composes the body of Christ, He knows exactly where every piece is needed in the arrangement as well as the creativity of variety. How would our understanding of the body of Christ change if we viewed God as a composer creating a masterpiece with each of us playing a note at exactly the right time in exactly the right key? Too often because of confusion, we don’t allow all the members of the body to harmonize together because we think we could compose a better tune. Thank you, Father that there are no obsolete pieces in your perfect composition!

Jesus, please help to me behold the beauty of the body of Christ. Equip me to understand where I fit into the arrangement and empower me to be obedient right where I have been called. I trust Your composition and can’t wait to experience the harmony while working together! Amen.

1 Corinthians [12:12]-27