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Community in Action Week 2- Day 2

Lynn Bettes Community in Action Devotional

“to put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires.” Ephesians [4:22]

Our behaviors and values that are contrary to God’s nature of holiness should be removed from the life of the believer.

Many people have watched and laughed at the Bob Newhart video from several years ago (, when the psychologist responds to the fearful patient with just 2 words—“stop it.” And though we realize that conquering fear and other threats to our walk with Christ require more than a simple “stop it”, this is a component of Godly repentance. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit who indwells us, we have been given the power to “put off” behaviors and thinking patterns that are contrary to who we are in Christ.

Has Christ pointed out a habit, a thought-pattern, or an attitude that does not give glory to God? Do your social media posts reflect the heart of Jesus? Are your words to your family members harsh or critical? Do you dwell on immoral thoughts? Is there a habit that is subtly hurting you or someone else? An important step of repentance is to “stop it.” Put off the old self. You have been made new. You are a child of God. Stop acting like someone else.

Father, I want my life to reflect Your nature that was given to me through Christ. I commit myself to walking in Your holiness, as the Holy Spirit powerfully lives in me. Cause me to live more like Your Son today. Amen.

1 Peter 2:9-12