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Community in Action Week 4-Day 1

Lynn Bettes Community in Action Devotional

“submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ,” Ephesians [5:21]

With this sentence fragment, a summary of the proper attitude towards others in the church is provided to us.

During the previous verses in Ephesians, Paul had explained the extraordinary lengths God has taken to bring believers together into a spiritual family. In the following verses, he will deal with specific relationships as contexts of living out our faith. He begins by giving us the overarching principle of relationships. When we relate to our spouse, parents, bosses, coworkers—we should honor them above ourselves because of our reverence for Jesus.

Before you have any further conversations with others today, embrace the posture that Scripture calls us to take. Commit to be a servant to others, as an act of service to Christ. This approach to relationships will profoundly affect the unity that Jesus desires between those who have been brought into His family.

Father, the posture of a servant is a difficult position to accept. Grant to me the power to willingly lift others up today, instead of my tendency to exalt myself. Cause me to live like Jesus towards others. Amen.

Matthew [20:20]-28