Liz Cuneo Mission Trip Blog

We had a great day of welcoming the campers and building friendships old and new.  It was awesome to see the team love on the campers and be fully invested. Here is a story from one of our team members.

“Today I was working with a camper, Jessica, and she had really wanted to go horseback riding. Unfortunately, time did not allow for her to go. This was difficult news for her, seeing as she was really looking forward to going. A few other leaders and I helped talk her into participating in the rodeo tomorrow, which would mean she would get more time with the horses and would just be an overall more special experience. This made me think about how, sometimes, we want our way so badly that we don’t consider that God’s plan for us may include bigger and better things. I shared with her that, even though her plan may have fallen through, God had a bigger and more wonderful plan in the works for her anyway.”

-Alicia Perkins