A Desperately Needed Blessing

January 26, 2017 by Kristi Kirschmann | Campus Algonac, Dearborn, Detroit, Farmington Hills, Lake Orion, Lapeer, Plymouth, Pontiac, Romeo, Royal Oak, Troy, Warren, White Lake

I wanted to share an incredible experience that we encountered yesterday. We were shopping yesterday afternoon and while checking out for some reason our credit card would not work, we had no other money on us and we were going to have to cancel our transaction. There was a woman behind us who out of nowhere came up to us and said, “I would love to help you and pay for your groceries.” At first we couldn’t comprehend what was happening, I have never had a stranger offer to pay for anything let alone a $200 grocery bill. We were literally in tears when we got in the car. While this may not seem like a big deal to most people you have no idea how much of a blessing this was to us. This was such a huge blessing because right now we are adopting two boys from Ethiopia who are 5 and 9. Not being out of debt from when we adopted our daughter, who is 12, just two years ago we felt God telling us to adopt again (we also have a biological daughter who is 1). At first, we thought we were going crazy because we only had half of the funds we needed to adopt these boys but we knew we could not ignore God and what He was telling us, so we jumped in making the biggest leap of faith so far in our lives. We ended up having to put a large amount of the cost of the adoption on credit cards (around $19,000) and we struggle every month, but God has shown us His faithfulness of how He cares for us when we obey. The women who paid for our groceries told us her name was Taylor, and that she works at Woodside Bible Church. The blessing was unexpected and DESPERATELY needed. I looked up Woodside, and saw that she is an Associate Director of NextGen, I hope that this can be passed onto her to thank her from the bottom of our hearts. We also want to thank her for showing the community what Christianity is all about. It’s about spreading the Word and just loving on people and to show them the love of God. Taylor, thank you for being a blessing to us!

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