Ecuador Team Blog #5

Dominique Cochran Mission Trip Blog

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Today was another busy day of work at Pastor Julio’s church. Monday we had 43 kids show up for vbs, yesterday we had almost 80, and today we had 90 kids! The kids are having a blast and so are we!

After work we went back to our house to make dinner. As we were cleaning up after dinner we heard the sound of music outside. We looked out the window and there was an entire Ecuadorian band playing music in our courtyard.

Pastor Romaro, the pastor who connected us with Pastor Julio, had brought his family and a band to thank us for the work we have done here. It was a beautiful evening full of worship music in English and Spanish with our new friends. They invited us to dance with them and all 30 of us danced in a circle to live music under the stars. It was the perfect ending to a productive and tiring day.