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Gift Wrapped Week 1- Day 1

Lynn Bettes Gift Wrapped Devotional

Covenant with Noah

In the beginning, God created a beautiful world as a place for people to live. He created people in a special way so that they could have a relationship with Him and enjoy Him forever. But people sinned against God, and the relationship between them was broken because of their sin. God had a plan from the very beginning to get rid of the sin that caused so much sadness and pain. His plan would bring people back to Him so they could enjoy knowing Him again.

Time had passed, and the earth became filled with people. Sadly, people had forgotten about God and were doing bad things all the time. There was one man in all the world who was God’s friend. His name was Noah. And God warned Noah that He was going to stop this destruction and wash His world and make it better. Following God’s careful instructions, Noah built a huge boat, an ark, big enough for some of every kind of animal to enter it. When God commanded them, Noah and his family and all the animals God sent, entered the ark. God caused rain to fall—more rain than had ever fallen before! There was so much rain that it began to flood the earth. The underground rivers opened up, and the waters began to cover the trees and the mountains. Soon it covered the entire world. But Noah, his family, and all the animals in the ark were safe. God was with them and saved them from the flood. After many days, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and the earth began to dry. As soon as it was safe, Noah opened the door, and everyone came out of the ark and entered the new world that God provided for them.

At that new beginning, God made a covenant—a promise—with Noah, his family, and all the animals: “I will never again destroy the world with a flood. To remember this promise, I will put a sign in the sky.” And like a warrior who ends a great battle by putting away his bow and arrows, God hung His bow in the sky—we call it a rainbow.

When God opened the newly washed world for Noah and his family, He knew that bad things would happen again. He knew that as long as sin was in the hearts of people, there would continue to be hate, sadness, and death. God had a bigger plan—a better plan—that He made before the beginning of time. One day, He would send His Son, Jesus, to save His people from the sin in their hearts. The rainbow in the sky is like a war bow pointed not to the earth, where sinful people live, but to the heavens. God would one day pay a great price so that our sin can be destroyed.

God, our hearts are saddened at the condition of Your world. We see a lot of pain and heartache which can be traced back to the sin of people. But we thank You for showing mercy and promising to not destroy our world until Your plan of salvation is complete. Fill me with a confident hope today. Amen.

Genesis 6:9-[9:16]