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Gift Wrapped Week 2- Day 1

Lynn Bettes Gift Wrapped Devotional

Covenant with Abraham

Even though God washed His world with a flood, people continued to rebel against God. The world again began to spin into greater evil as people turned away from God. Again, God stepped in and made a promise.

First, He called a man named Abraham to be the father of a brand new nation. God asked Abraham to travel to a land he had never been to before. And once Abraham arrived, God made a covenant with Abraham. Abraham was promised lots of children—more than the stars in the sky! Now, this was really something special because Abraham and his wife were getting quite old and they didn’t have any kids. God promised that his descendants would become a great nation. God also promised that He would give them a land to call home. And God’s promises grew even bigger, as He told Abraham that all the nations of the world would be blessed because of him! It was an incredible promise—God was promising to rescue the world from terrible evil and sin through Abraham’s family.

Just like God had promised, Abraham’s wife soon gave birth to a son, even though she was 90 years old! Their son would grow up and have children, and they would have children, and today people all over the world know that they are the “children of Abraham.” Many, many years after Abraham died, one of his great-great-great (and a bunch more greats) grandsons would be born. He would be named Jesus, who would show the world how much God loved the people He created by saving them from their sin. His birth would be a great reason for a big celebration!


Father, thank you for your covenant with Abraham, and Abraham’s great faith in your promises. Cause me to trust you even when it seems impossible for your promises to come true. Lord, help my unbelief. Amen.


Genesis 17:1-8