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Gift Wrapped Week 3- Day 1

Lynn Bettes Gift Wrapped Devotional

Covenant with Moses

Many years after Abraham had died, God’s people were living in Egypt. The king of Egypt began to despise God’s people and treated them with cruelty and terrible hardship. God’s children cried out to God for help. He heard them and called a man named Moses to lead them out of Egypt. Through Moses, God showed His matchless, greater-than-anything power to the king of Egypt who eventually allowed God’s people to leave his country. Not only did God rescue His people from their trouble, He reminded them of his promise to Abraham to give them a land specially chosen for them. God led them on a long journey to their Promised Land, a beautiful land where He would be with them and look after them. Every day, God kept showing them how well He would care for them if they would trust Him and obey Him. When they were hungry, He made bread come down from heaven! When they were thirsty, He made water flow from a rock! But still they did not trust him, and they thought they could do a better job of looking after themselves and making themselves happy. But God knew that no one could be truly happy without Him.

God led Moses and the people to a tall mountain called Sinai. And there, God made a covenant with Moses and the people. God would be their God, and they would be His chosen people—God’s treasure. God would care for them, and they would serve Him by showing the world what an amazing God He is! As God’s people, they were to obey God’s laws and worship Him only. The people promised God that they would—but God knew they couldn’t. So, He instructed them about the sacrifice—the death of an innocent animal in place of the guilty people. Rules couldn’t save people from sin and evil, and neither could a sacrifice. But they could point to the One who could save them. Many years later, God would send a Rescuer who could keep all the rules. He would be the perfect sacrifice—someone who was innocent and would die for the guilty. We celebrate this Rescuer’s birth at Christmas—His name is Jesus!


Heavenly Father, I thank you for the perfect sacrifice that has paid for the broken laws I have committed. Because you removed my sin, you can live in my heart and be with me forever. I welcome you! Amen.


Hebrews [10:12]-18