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Gift Wrapped Week 4- Day 1

Lynn Bettes Gift Wrapped Devotional

Covenant with David

One day, God told one of his prophets (a prophet is a person God used to speak for Him to the people) to find God’s choice to be the king of God’s people. Much to the prophet’s surprise, God did not choose the strongest or the tallest. God chose David–a young, seemingly unimportant boy who served his father by caring for the sheep. God looked past what people saw and saw his heart that was filled with the love of God. As David grew, God used him to do incredible things like defeat a giant enemy soldier named Goliath. David also wrote beautiful poems of worship, which are in the book of the Bible called The Psalms. When God saw that David was ready, God made him the King of Israel.

David became a great king. God described David with these amazing words: “a man with a heart like mine.” Now, that does not mean that David was perfect. Like every one of us, David sinned. He did some terrible things, but he realized he needed God’s forgiveness. “Make my heart clean, because it is full of sin,” David prayed. God heard David’s prayer and forgave David. God made a very important covenant with David. God promised that he would make David great, and that David’s descendants would be on the throne forever, if the king remained faithful to God.

Over the years, some of the kings obeyed God and enjoyed God’s blessings, and many of them did not and missed out on what God desired to provide. But God had made a promise that one day one of David’s descendants would be the King over the entire world. He would rule perfectly with peace, wisdom, and salvation.
This Perfect King would be called the King of the Jews, but a better title for him is King of Kings. His name is Jesus.


Father, even today we see examples of rulers who follow you and rulers who rebel against you. As I wait for the return of the perfect King of Kings, cause me to have a heart like yours. Amen.


Isaiah 54:9-10