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Gift Wrapped Week 4- Day 5

Lynn Bettes Gift Wrapped Devotional

The New Covenant

As the years went by, people continued to run away from God and do whatever they wanted. Even though God often assured them of his plan to rescue them, and made many covenants and promises to be their God who would be with them and care for them, people continued to try to find happiness by themselves without God. God used prophets to tell His people He was providing a new covenant. Isaiah wrote God’s message that God was going to send a Royal Son who would be called Emmanuel, which means “God has come to live with us.” He also said people would hate him and even kill him! But God would make him alive again to rule forever. When this Royal Son rules as king, he would take sin and everything sad away. Even death was going to die. The prophet Jeremiah wrote that this coming King would create a new heart in God’s people. He would forgive their sin and would live with them forever. The world waited for the promise. And waited. And waited. And then…

When the time was perfect, God made all of his promises come true. God picked just the right parents for his son. His mom, Mary, was engaged to Joseph, the great-great (and a bunch more greats) grandson of King David. God sent an angel to them who announced that they would have a baby. They were to name him Jesus, which means “one who saves.” Mary gave birth to a baby boy, born in a stable in the small town of Bethlehem, David’s hometown. The God who hung the stars and planets into space, who made the world with just his word, who made promises to His people to rescue them—made himself small as a baby. God had come to live with his us. His parents named him Jesus. He grew up and taught the world of God’s Kingdom. He offered to everyone salvation from the evil and pain of sin, if they would only believe in Him and follow Him.

Just like God’s prophets said, the people of the world hated him. They didn’t understand that he was the Royal Son of God who had come to rescue them. One night, Jesus told his followers that he was giving to them a new covenant, that was purchased with his blood. The very next night, people killed him. Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead! This proved he was the savior and rescuer of the world. Through Jesus, all the promises made to Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David came true! Christmas is a day of celebration! Those who trust in Jesus can experience true happiness forever, because God is with us!
(Based on Matthew [1:18]-25; John [1:14]-18; 2 Corinthians [1:20]-22)

John [3:16] For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.