Haiti Mission Trip Blog #6

November 10, 2017 by Lexie Schwarze | Ministry Life Impact Ministries

We can’t believe our week of ministry in the mountains of Haiti came to an end today.  Our team of 8 has fallen in love with the bumpy ride up the mountain to visit the beautiful people of Turpin and the neighboring village of Palto.  We’ve all been impacted by the people; realizing that they are all just like we are.  We may live in completely different cultures and backgrounds but we are truly brothers and sisters.

This morning we shared the love of Christ by giving nine Haitians, in Palto, solar lanterns.  Among the nine people was one voodoo priestess, named Irianna. The Haitians all knew each other from the village even Irianna.  After our team shared the lights, Marcos, our Haitian guide/translator, shared the gospel in Creole specifically to Irianna.  It was remarkable how open and directly Marcos spoke to Irianna about Jesus.  Imagine if we were so open and direct about the gospel to our non-believing friends in America.  We can learn a great deal from our Haitian Christian brothers and sisters.

We then got to teach another 81 kids about Creation, how we were made in God’s image and the how and why to Salvation.  We were able to teach them our Creole Song and had the pleasure to have them sing it back to us – Jesus Came, Jesus Died, Jesus Arose, Jesus Ascended, Jesus is Coming Back.

Thank you for your prayers this entire week, we have truly felt them and have been a part of so many wonderful works of God,
Team Haiti

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