Haiti Mission Trip Blog #7

November 11, 2017 by Lexie Schwarze | Ministry Life Impact Ministries

This morning, three members of our team had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the local artisans that make the 3 Cord merchandise found here at Mission of Hope.  We were able to work one-on-one with one of the artisans and braid a headband.  The background story of 3 Cords began after the earthquake 10 years ago when a special medical tent was set-up at Mission of Hope for amputee victims.  While the patients were recovering, someone suggested that they braid fabric scraps and one thing led to another which eventually formed the company.  3 Cords employs local men and women which help to provide income for their families.  Some of the staff we met were amputees themselves and some were deaf.  It was such an encouraging morning for us and for them!

Today was also our rest day from ministry.  Mission of Hope took us to a local resort beach with our intern, Sarah, and our Haitian translator, Marcles.  We spent some time learning more about Marcles’ background and thoughts about Haiti’s future.  Marcles our translator explained that we should always remember that Haitians are all about relationships.  We also asked for an example of what was needed for Haiti to improve and he thought job creation was key.

After dinner we served in the kitchen doing dishes. We then met on the roof for team devotions and prayer.

We’ll be heading back to the States tomorrow.  Please keep us in your prayers,
Team Haiti

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