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Identity Crisis Week 4- Day 1

Lynn Bettes Identity Crisis Devotional

“For He Himself is our peace, who has made us both one…” Ephesians [2:14]

Do you ever feel like an outsider? Like everyone else is part of something special and you’re not included? Many of us have felt like this at different times in our lives.

That’s one of the reasons the truth of the story the Apostle Paul tells in Ephesians [2:11]-22 is so significant. It’s the story of a people who were separated from Christ, strangers to His covenant promises, with no real hope. Yet those who were alienated are now brought near, those who were hopeless and in turmoil now have a source of hope, and they can experience genuine peace.

Hopeless, yet given hope. Alienated and strangers, yet given a faith family with brothers and sisters, and a Father in Heaven. All of this becomes reality because of the hero of this story—Jesus Christ. Through His shed blood on the cross, Jesus made a way for Gentiles to become part of the family of God.

If you are still an outsider to God’s love—you no longer have to be! Jesus has made a way for you to become part of His family. God simply wants you to repent of your sin, turn to Him in faith, and trust in the forgiveness you have in Jesus’ death on the cross for you. Only through Jesus Christ can we have unity with one another and peace with God.

Heavenly Father, thank You for the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus. Thank You for the forgiveness that is mine through Jesus. Thank You for giving me a new family through my faith in Him. Amen.

1 Peter [3:18]