Kingdom in Chaos Week 3-Day 2

June 15, 2018 by Woodside Bible Church | Campus All Campuses

“Then the LORD called Samuel…” -1 Samuel 3:1

Has this happened to you: You believe that you hear someone you’re familiar with calling you, but you suddenly realize you were mistaken? Young Samuel heard a voice, too. He heard the audible voice of God. But he thought he heard his master, Eli. Not once but three times! It’s almost as if Samuel was hard of hearing. But he wasn’t—he heard the voice just fine. Samuel simply didn’t know the One speaking well enough to recognize His voice.

Who was speaking to him? Samuel didn’t yet have an accurate gauge. All he knew was that someone was calling his name. So, he responded, taking the right posture—service. One truth we can all learn from Samuel is that God draws us near when we are confused. God never gives up on us.

» Consider how powerful is the voice of the Almighty. He blew up
all paradigms of this young prophet to get his attention.
» Consider God’s character. He is patient and kind—and never gives up!

Perhaps you’re questioning God’s guidance along your faith journey. Be encouraged! We have a good, good Father. One who is patient and kind to us. One who desires to guide us by His Word. He is a Father who will not allow us to miss His movement on the earth. All we need to do is humble ourselves before His call.

Father, I’m listening. For You are the Greatest Communicator of all time. You are faithful, patient and merciful. I know that You understand everything about me. Your Word draws me near, even when I can’t understand. Give me ears to hear Your words, and the humility to put Your words into practice. Amen.

For Further Reading
1 Samuel 3:1-10

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