Misread Week 4- Day 3

Woodside Bible Church Misread Devotion

“…they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men.” Matthew 6:5

» Some people wear expensive, trendy clothes…
» Other people speak using large, grandiose words…
» And still other people post everything there is to know about themselves on multiple social media outlets.

All of these things may have legitimate reasons behind the action. And we should not be quick to judge the purposes of these behaviors. Yet we also know people who do these things to draw attention to themselves. Seemingly seeking to shine a spotlight on their big, bold life.

As strange as it may seem, this sort of attention-seeking can take place in faith practices, too. Whether it’s striving to be “up-front” on a Sunday morning leading others in worship, sharing our knowledge among others in a prominent teaching role, or being seen praying for others while others look on. There is a very real temptation for God’s people to seek recognition for their holiness.

Jesus calls His people to something completely different.

Jesus invites His followers to pray with humble hearts. With no desires of personal, earthly, selfish gain. Rather with hearts that are seeking Him and His purposes.

Lord, I confess to You that sometimes my heart desires the praise of my friends and peers more than it desires your pleasure. I repent of this today. Give me a heart that is so focused on you that I don’t need the praise of men. Amen.

For Further Reading
Matthew 6:5-8