Pages Devotion: Week 2-Day 3

April 11, 2018 by Woodside Bible Church | Campus All Campuses

“Lead me in the path of your commandments, for I delight in it.” Psalm 119:35

Welcome back to the most meaningful time of your day—prayer with a holy and righteous God! Today, let’s get inspired to pray by the psalmist.

In today’s text, David prayed that God would cause him to march on the right path. And the effect of this prayer in David’s life would be that he would delight in God’s Word. David continues by asking God to cause him to incline or extend his heart. Do we ever ask this of God? To draw near to us? Do we delight in walking in the ways of God?
Or does it feel more like a burden?

Embarrassingly, I admit that sometimes I take the simple things in my life for granted. And David reminds me that instead of seeking my delight in this world, I need my heart stretched toward God! This is what the psalmist petitions God to make happen—to stir in him a heart that longs to live by the truth of God’s Word.

What could David, or you and I, get when we ask this of God? Freedom from selfishness. That God would grant us a strong desire to see His goodness in our life. That we would be free from a heart that seeks dishonest gain and selfishness, but a heart that is humble before a holy God. Is this your prayer today? As the psalmist has modeled for us—it should be!


Lord God Almighty, Holy is Your Name. I ask for a deep desire to see Your goodness in the land of the living. Please forgive me for covetousness, dishonesty, and pride that often grows in my heart.  I believe that your thoughts and your ways are far better than mine. Would you give me a true delight in Your ways. Amen.

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