Pages Devotion: Week 5-Day 1

May 4, 2018 by Woodside Bible Church | Campus All Campuses

“Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all day.” Psalm 119:97

What do you think about God’s Word? Does it confuse you? Does it trouble you? Does it excite or delight you? Do you know God’s Word?

It seems that many Christ followers in our culture today become familiar with a few Old Testament stories, gain an understanding of a couple of Jesus’ teachings, and grasp a few biblical concepts and then assume they know enough about God’s Word. This isn’t what the psalmist experienced.

If I spent time listening to my wife for the first couple years of our marriage and then one day just thought, “Alright, I think I know enough about her,” would my love for her continue to deepen? Would our relationship continue to grow? Of course not! Yet it seems as though many believers approach God and His Word this way.

Maybe you’ve ‘fallen out of love’ with God’s Word for some reason. If this is your story, don’t be discouraged. There is good news! God’s Word is not moving or changing! You can reconnect with the truth of what you’ve been missing. You can dig into the history, poetry,
philosophy and prophecy that has inspired generations before you. It’s right where God left it and just how He wants it, breathed out by His Spirit for us to have and to hold, all day, every day, until death do us part.


Father God, help me to love Your Word. Help me to read it, process it, and be changed by it. Help me to put Your Word in my heart that it may become a part of who I am all day, every day. Amen.

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