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Picture ImPerfect Week 2- Day 1

Lynn Bettes Picture ImPerfect Devotional

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Acts [2:42]

A few months ago, LifeWay Research released a study that revealed during the last 10 years believers have remained faithful to reading our Bibles. This is good. However, we are doing so less frequently in the company of other Christ followers. In fact, less than half (49%) of the churchgoers surveyed agreed with the statement, “I intentionally spend time with other believers to help them grow in their faith.” These results are sad, troubling, and not at all what the early church believed and practiced.

God’s people faithfully committed themselves to each other—learning the apostles’ teaching and the importance of one another in a Christ-centered community.

As believers in the 21st Century, our self-sufficiency causes us to miss much of what caused the 1st Century church to grow and thrive—the Body of Christ!

We can all read our Bible, and even use this devotional, in solitude. But that doesn’t mean that we should! God’s people were created to live, love, and serve each other in God’s church. The early church reveals to us that the best place for spiritual growth in the lives of individual believers is by experiencing life together in Christ-centered community.

Lord, may I never get comfortable and self-sufficient on my journey of faith. Help me to see and know the importance of other believers in my life. May I be an encouragement to others on their faith journey. Help me to experience true fellowship with other believers. Amen.

For Further Reading
1 Corinthians [12:14], 18-19