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Picture ImPerfect Week 2- Day 4

Lynn Bettes Picture ImPerfect Devotional

“And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts…” Acts [2:46]

Do you enjoy a good potluck dinner? (Or, as some prefer, a pot-blessing!)

You know that any good potluck consists of long tables filled with casseroles of every imaginable variety, salads with ingredients that are hard to decipher, a large pot of weak coffee, and, of course, your grandmother’s favorite pie! You’ve all shared in the food-preparation experience, before everyone gets to share in the food-eating experience.

The old-fashioned potluck provides us with a picture of what a shared meal may have been like for God’s people in the early church. For the early followers of Jesus, sharing a meal together was a way to care for one another, and caring for one another was modeled by sharing a meal together.

When we break bread together with other believers, we are making an investment in Christ-centered relationships. We are investing in the well-being of our brothers and sisters in the faith. We are investing in the soul care of our faith family. The informal gathering modeled by the 1st Century church is something that 21st Century believers can still practice today.

Let’s follow the regular practice of the early church by enjoying a meal together, investing in the lives of our church family!

Lord, may I not overlook the importance of breaking bread with members of my church family. Help me to care for the souls of others by investing my time and my resources in a meal together. Amen.

For Further Reading
Acts [2:42]-47