Prayers, Commissioning and Installation

February 9, 2017 by Jeff Keith | Campus Warren

In life, there are special moments that we will always remember. The night of Prayer, Commissioning and Installation at the Warren campus is one of those special moments.

The service reminded me of the time when the Church in Antioch met and commissioned Paul and Barnabas to plant churches.

The Bible says in Acts 13:3: “After fasting and praying they laid their hands on them and sent them off.” That must have been a special moment for Paul and Barnabas. They were beginning the next chapter in their ministry and their church family gathered to show their support. They also laid their hands on Paul and Barnabas and prayed that God would do amazing things through their work.

I now know how Paul and Barnabas might have felt. I was so encouraged to see the Woodside family show up to support the beginning of the next chapter in ministry for both Algonac Campus Pastor Dan Stewart and myself. I was thankful for the time to commission, lay hands on, and pray for Pastor Dan and the families serving in Algonac. I was also moved by the prayers that were prayed over me, my family, and ministry as I was installed as the Warren campus pastor.

I am also thankful that our service ended differently than Paul and Barnabas’ – instead of fasting, we feasted. Thank you, Warren family, for hosting an amazing fellowship meal that provided a time for tears and laughter. Thank you, Warren family, for accepting me as your pastor. I look forward to serving the Lord together. Thank you Pastor Dan for faithfully serving the Warren campus and for laying a firm foundation to build on. Thank you, Senior Pastor Doug Schmidt and Pastor Bob Bryant, for leading in the service and sharing a challenge. I also want to thank the other campus pastors that came and showed their support. I am thankful to be a part of the Woodside family.

Please continue to pray for the Warren campus as together we walk through transition. May we be obedient to faithfully follow the Lord’s leading.

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