Reconciled Week 4- Day 2

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“But Peter and John answered them, ‘Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you rather than to God, you must judge, for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.’” Acts [4:19]-20

The message for believers in our culture today is very similar to what Peter and John were told by the elders and scribes—religion is private! Don’t try to convert other people. Keep it to yourself. Don’t preach such an exclusive message.

Peter and John did not agree!

They were compelled to speak of what they had seen and heard. Did they have all the answers? Of course not. Were there things they didn’t understand? Of course there were. Yet, they didn’t stay silent simply because they couldn’t answer every question. They were bold in the public proclamation!

Today, Christ followers can become afraid to share our faith in Christ because we think we have to know the answer to every question, or understand all the subtle nuances of biblical doctrine. While those things are certainly important, they should never hinder us from speaking with boldness. We simply need to tell others how we’ve been changed by God. We need to share what God has done that is undeniable and compelling.

When people see a life changed, they might not believe it. But they won’t be able to deny it, either. If you’re not speaking boldly about what God has done in your life, ask yourself this question; “What am I afraid of?” Tell the people around you about what God has done!

Lord, please give me the courage to be bold about what you have done in my life. May my faith story be an encouragement to someone today. Amen.

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