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Today was a special day as we began four days of providing medical and dental services to people in Akha villages in the region. We will be accompanied by several Akha pastors who will share the Gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ.

To help set our hearts right for this part of our journey, we started our day in the hotel lobby with a devotional led by team member Cecilia regarding the parable of the mustard seed in Matthew 13:31-32, which reminds us to go forth to these villages with the soil of a pure God-centered love. By doing so, this will, through the power of the Holy Spirit, plant the fruits of Jesus bountifully in the hearts of these villagers.

We drove over two hours through winding, steep roads to the remote mountain village of Phagee in Northwest Thailand, near the border with Burma. Upon our arrival, we were greeted warmly by the village chief as well as many of the villagers who were already there anxiously awaiting our  services.  The Holy Spirit surrounded us as we set up an entire ‘mobile medical clinic’ in under an hour. Praise God for equipping the entire team with the required skills: Medical, dental, triage, pharmacy, registration, children’s ministry and worship.

Throughout the day, villagers of all ages from 2 to 82 were given much-needed medical, dental and prescription drug services.  Volunteers from Pastor John’s Akha Baptist Church were side-by-side with us as translators, and they were truly amazing. The villagers were extremely appreciative of us being there and we reciprocated with love in our hearts for the opportunity to serve them; a love that could only be possible through Jesus.

While all this was happening, there was worship music constantly being sung together by the Akha and our team members.  It provided a glorious background to the day.  In addition, some team members led games and other activities for the village children, a highlight of which was a little girl individually handing out bracelets with a cross that she made to everyone.  Her smile was priceless as she filled our hearts with joy.

By day’s end, we had served over 150 people. More importantly, 37 people were saved, committing their life to Christ this day, and forever more. Praise our amazing God for this, and continued prayers that others were who were healed physically today, will open their hearts to true spiritual healing through accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

In His Services,

The Thailand Short-Term Mission Team

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