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All glory to God for the past four days where, of the over 500 villagers who were provided medical and dental services by the mission team, 141 were saved by committing their lives to Jesus.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, the local Thailand Akha pastors who were part of our team passionately prayed for and shared the Gospel with all the villagers. Seeing God work in the lives of so many people, including the villagers, the Woodside team, the Akha pastors, and the many Akha young adults who served faithfully and invaluably as our translators, was a truly amazing, joyful experience be part of.

The team’s morning prayer time today focused on the words of Paul in Galatians 6:9 where he reminded us to not grow weary of doing good, for in due time we will reap if we don’t give up. Those words resonated quite profoundly with the mission team, as we reflected on our time in the villages.

The entire morning was spent inventorying and packing all the remaining medicines, and doing the same with all the medical and dental equipment and supplies.  While the work at hand required a meticulous attention to detail, it was also a special time of fellowship for the team. Driven by a common heart to serve and an unwavering commitment to Jesus, the team grew closer to each other with each passing day, with today being no exception. What a blessing that is.

During the afternoon the team took a one hour drive to the Akha store, which contains an incredibly large array of beautiful handcrafted items made by local Akha people from across Thailand. On behalf of Woodside, the team purchased enough items to fill two large trunks. The items will be sold in the marketplace at next year’s Woodside Troy Nativity event, with the proceeds going to the Akha House of Light orphanage in Thailand that Woodside supports. In addition to the money raised for the orphanage, showcasing these beautiful items in the marketplace will also highlight the many blessings the Lord has provided for all the very special children there.

Speaking of these precious children, the evening provided for a very special event. The entire mission team and all the children from the orphanage, along with Pastor Akha John and his wife Nut, went out to dinner together at a local Thai restaurant which the children chose.  Very good food was on the menu, but an abundance of unbridled love and shared joy was most definitely the main course. These incredible children of God are so beautiful in every way imaginable, and being with them for the evening was such an amazing blessing.

Today was the final full day of the mission trip.  Tomorrow, we will spend the morning at the orphanage with the children before embarking on the three-hour drive to the airport and the twenty hours of flying back to Michigan. It is such a privilege to have had the opportunity to serve our Lord on  this trip this past week, and to see first hand how powerfully the Holy Spirit moves in peoples lives. We thank God for the 141 villagers who have been saved, and pray for all the others that they too will find eternal life by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

In His Service,

The Thailand Short-Term Mission Team

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