Uganda Mission Trip #3

Dominique Cochran Mission Trip Blog

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Hello, all! Agande! (The Ugandan greeting for hello, how are you?)  It is only day two here in Uganda but we have been showered with love and  have been embraced by so many. Never have we seen brighter smiles and a more joyful love for God.
As a group today, we headed over to the church where we instantly started praising God with songs, clapping, and shouts to the Lord. Each of us was given an opportunity to serve in a specific area of the church. The groups were divided into children’s Sunday school, single parents, youths, and married couples. I helped with the children and I could have not asked for a more wonderful time at church. Every child grasped for my hands and every one smiled a mile wide. I felt my heart swell with love for every individual one. They looked up at me with beautiful, innocent eyes that spoke what words cannot. They desired love. They desired a friend. A hand to hold and a heart that cared for them. And for some reason that I will never know, God blessed me so greatly that today I was able to love them. A gift I didn’t deserve but I will forever praise Him for. We taught them songs and shared a Bible story and it was truly wonderful!
This evening, we served in the Boda Boda Ministry (motorcycle) and we saw even more hearts longing for love, the love only our Father can give that truly satisfies. They listened as we taught, and prayed with us. Many raised their hands when they were asked if they wanted to surrender their lives to God. We sang and danced and praised our Savior! It was amazing. I am so excited to see what God has in store for the rest of this trip!