Uganda Mission Trip #4

Dominique Cochran Mission Trip Blog



Prayers of praise and thanksgiving fill the Rubaare night air as our team reflects on the day and the goodness of God. Today was filled with joy and impact as we were able to continue our partnership with the local church and visit many schools.
In our visit to a smaller school in the hills we were able to meet their 60 students and truly enjoy our time together. It was incredible to see one of their 10’x15’ classrooms and get a small taste of life and school here in the village. I was so encouraged to talk with the school headmaster, Mr. Moses, and hear his passion for the students to grow and help play a key role in their village. I’ve felt the Lord leading me to take time at the schools to talk with the staff to encourage and pray with them and these turned into treasured moments that I will never forget.

Our theme for the trip is ‘Breakthrough’ and this is only made possible through Jesus. I am sure we would all say that education is a pivotal piece for the health of a society. So when we have the opportunity to meet educators who not only love the kids but have a personal relationship with Jesus and lead in servant leadership — Breakthrough and hope is right before us. Please pray for God’s energy and perseverance for teachers and headmasters like Mr. Moses.