Uganda Mission Trip #6

Dominique Cochran Mission Trip Blog


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Hello! Today was a very special day. This morning at [6:30], we went to the Corporate Prayer Breakfast at the Rukungiri Community Church. It was beautiful seeing everyone praise the Lord Jesus together. While there, firefighter Doug Brice and mechanic Mike Shurtz shared ways they chose integrity in the workplace. They both encouraged the community to live out their faith, giving specific ways to do so. Later, we went to Miseo Day High School where Hannah Shurtz could share to students the powerful way God redeems. Many came forward and were prayed over and I was filled with joy to watch how God impacted the hearts and lives. I knew those moments of boldness in the students’ faith may never be forgotten. I know God is working in them powerfully as we pray for breakthrough! Lastly, for a short time we had a chance to visit the local shops.
Today was a day of community. A BREAKTHROUGH of joy and of tears. We continue to ask for prayers on this mission that we would be unhindered. We are so excited to see what God will do through us next. Waibala (thank you) everyone and God bless!