Uganda Mission Trip Blog #2

May 7, 2018 by Lexie Schwarze | Ministry Life Impact Ministries

Satan truly hates when brothers and sisters in Christ unite worldwide. Our traveling started out smooth sailing. We had no problems checking in, getting through security, going through customs or during the flight itself. In between one lay over, our team bonded over a rowdy game of “heads up.” As we enjoyed each other’s company one of the flight attendants joined in and added to the laughter. Tables started to turn when we landed, 21 out of 22 bags made it to Uganda. One of our team member’s personal bag was never placed on the plane in Amsterdam; she was left without clothes or toiletries. Fortunately, the Lord always provides and the team was able to put together a church outfit, toothbrush, toothpaste and other items for her to use.

The team reunited with Victor outside the airport. He greeted us with some of the Ugandan men we will later be ministering with. For a few of our returning member’s it was nice to see familiar faces from previous trips. We circled around the bus and held hands in prayer. We thanked God for the safe travels, our support back at home, and prayed over the people of Uganda. We asked for provision and guidance as well as preparation in our hearts to receive whatever He has in store for us.

Satan’s presence really became evident the next morning when our bus left for Kanungu. As we started to drive through Kampala traffic struck. It took over an hour to get through the city, but inch by inch we made it. As we grew closer to our destination, he struck again. This time breaking down the main dirt roads from the rain. We were no longer able to drive on it. Thankfully, there was a second option, we started driving down a back road and continued our expedition. However, we came across an 18 wheel truck with a broken clutch blocking the road. As soon as we saw the chaos in front of us, Tyler, Victor, Ray, and Brian selflessly rose from the bus to assess the situation. They tried to push the truck so it was no longer blocking the road but quickly found out that if they continued it would tip over. We were then informed about an alternate route that had just cleared up a different truck blockage. Unfortunately, this route took us the long way around the valley. An 8 hour bus ride turned into a 13 hour journey. We were broken down, tired, and emotionally drained but despite all of Satan’s attempts God was triumphant and we made it to Kanungu safely. We knew that God had incredible plans for this mission if the devil was trying so hard to stop us. Christ filled us up as we closed the night in prayer. We are thrilled to join Katete Victory Church in the morning for their Sunday service. It will be a privilege to meet, love, and build relationships with these beautiful people.

Please stay in prayer for our team, that throughout any trial or tribulation, we remain strong in Christ and free in His word. He will provide, He will heal, He will deliver, He will strengthen, and He will restore. He already has.

We love you and thank you for your support! We will continue to stay in prayer for you all as well.

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