Uganda Mission Trip Blog #3

May 7, 2018 by Lexie Schwarze | Ministry Life Impact Ministries

Today started out with a 30-minute bus ride to Katete Victory Church where we were greeted with hugs by many excited children and by the church’s amazing Pastor Sara. We were then escorted to our seats at the front of the church where the worship group had already begun singing and dancing. We were in awe not only by their amazing spirit but by their piercing and powerful love for God. Victor introduced our team and it was humbling to see how excited the people were about us being in their presence. Pastor Brian preached a sermon on Colossians 2:13-15 which talks about being dead in your trespasses but God forgives us of all our trespasses therefore canceling our debt record that stood against us. The church responded with so much praise and love toward Pastor Brian and his message. It was incredible to see how much we could all love each other and understand each other while having a language barrier. The people of Uganda were able to receive Pastor Brian’s message not only through our amazing translator Kathy but through their love and praise of the Lord.

We had two team members share their testimony today, Tyler and Christina. Both Tyler and Christina left a piece of themselves with the church today and touched the hearts of many.

While service was going on inside the church, outside, amidst the heat beneath a tarp, sat between 30 and 40 children worshipping and praising the Lord. The children ranged in age from babies to 14 years old. Sajel, Hannah and Faith lead the children in singing songs such as this “This Little Light of Mine” and passing out juice and suckers.

After the church service the Boda Boda ministry begun. We were extremely happy with the turn out and after a short sermon by Pastor Brian and Victor sharing his story, they passed out reflector jackets to all the Boda Boda drivers. These jackets will supply them with extra protection while serving the people of their community.

We when arrived back at our hotel there was a delicious lunch waiting for us and we had time to rest and journal about our day. Tomorrow awaits great things from God and we cannot wait to work with the widowers group from Katete Victory Church. We ask that you continue to pray over our team for safe travels, good health and powerful relationships. We also ask that you pray for our continuing work with the Katete Victory church and helping them create a safer temporary structure for the church to hold its children’s ministry. Finally, please pray for our good friend and teammate Shaun. He and his wife are going through a very difficult time with their baby son Miracle, who is suffering from some medical issues.

Our family thanks you all the way from Uganda!


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